Welcome to my top quality counselling and hypnotherapy service based in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

  • Would you like to feel happier and more confident so that you can really start to enjoy life?
  • Would it be wonderful if you could relax and improve your concentration?
  • Would you love to have ample energy to follow your own interests and maybe also to relish the time you have with friends and family?
  • Do you have a very specific goal in mind such as learning to control your eating so you can reach your ideal weight?

  • Has it been suggested you try CBT or other forms of counselling?
If your answer is yes to any of the above then you have come to the right place.
"I just wanted to thank you so so much! I am now working abroad and I love it. I truly believe I would not be here doing this without your help."

(24 year old client from Shipley, West Yorkshire who came for 5 sessions because of panic attacks and fear of flying)

About Me

Home. Self 2My unique style of counselling combines Solution Focussed Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with other effective techniques to help you find a way to achieve your goal. You may feel hypnotherapy is the way forward for you.

Whatever your choice, the good news is that the therapy needn't take too long! I can help lighten your low mood, restore your self esteem and help you re-discover that real you that you may have been missing for a long time.

Maybe you have wondered about seeing a counsellor for a while but are just not sure what this would involve. This will partly depend on the issues that you want help with. It could be that your first step will be to conquer Anxiety or Panic Attacks. I can certainly help you with that. If you have never had a chance to talk with anyone about your problems before, you will find Counselling safe, non judgemental, confidential and very helpful.

Notice an improvement after just a few sessions. With the way I work as a counsellor clients can often be helped really quickly. I do want you to start feeling better soon so especially if anxiety or panic attacks are badly effecting your life.

" I just wanted to write and thank you for your time, skill and patience over the last few months, and for all the help you have offered me. You have helped me to regain my equilibrium, and optimism. My 'get up and go' is coming back and life feels to be opening up again, instead of closing down. Thank you so much. I have really valued the gentleness of your approach and all the different skills you offer."

(65 year old woman from Bradford, facing retirement after a busy and fulfilling career. Came for 8 sessions)

Want To Know More?

Read through the website for more detail, perhaps go to who am I? to find out more about how I started counselling and how I became the counsellor I am today. Or you may want to find out how you make the first contact by clicking to the how to get started page or simply contact me now, by clicking on the top right button, to ask further questions without obligation. Read some stories about clients who were happy for me to tell you how I helped them on clients' stories.

I am experienced in working with individuals and with couples. I have also worked extensively with children and adolescents. If you have concerns about your child or teenager's behaviour and just can't see a way forward I can help you too.

f you don't feel comfortable about coming to see me at the moment or its just not practical why not try Online therapy and telephone counselling. You will find that we can work together really well in these ways too.

Where Am I?

My premises are in Shipley, West Yorkshire which is easily accessible to anyone living in or near Bradford, Keighley and Ilkley. I work internationally via the Internet and Telephone.

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"It took a lot of courage for me to contact a counsellor. I felt so much better after seeing you for the first appointment, I only wished I'd contacted you sooner! I know we had a lot to work on but after that I found every session really helpful. Thank you so much for helping me"

(62 year old client from Ilkley, West Yorkshire who came for 12 sessions)

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My Office Hours

I see clients from 09.00 Monday to Friday and the last appointment is at 7.30 p.m. I do work with some clients at the week-end on the phone and internet.

Julie Perry
B.A. Hons Psychology and Philosophy
MSc Education
Diploma in Counselling and Human Relations
Master Hypnotist
EFTMP -Emotional Freedom Techniques Master Practitioner

Phone: 07767798605

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