Frequently Asked Questions

What problems can I bring?
You can work with me on any problem which is adversely affecting your life such as:
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • phobias
  • bullying or stress at work
  • bereavement and loss
  • relationship problems
  • eating disorders
  • abuse
  • depression
  • addiction

  • Are you still wondering if I can help you? Do email me (see the top right button to click) and describe what it is you want help with and I will let you know if I think my approach will help.

    Can you tell me more about anxiety. What is it and how can you help me?
    We all feel a level of anxiety at times, for example when taking an exam, a driving test, or going for an interview. This is normal function of our body preparing to perform, and it generally passes soon after the activity begins. Unfortunately some people have symptoms of anxiety from the moment they get up and recurring throughout the day. Their symptoms can be some or all of the following:

    •An almost continual feeling of fear even when at home, with nothing much happening
    •Expecting the worst about any situation
    •Looking for small signs of problems
    •Thinking a lot about the past and worrying about the future but unable to focus on the here and now
    •Feeling exhausted and drained of energy
    •Avoiding everyday activities like shopping, meeting friends or colleagues
    •Generally feeling overwhelmed

    What are panic attacks?
    Sometimes these come from nowhere – you may have just been reading or watching television. Symptoms of a Panic Attack can be:

    •Heart racing
    •Feeling faint or dizzy

    People often fear they are having a heart attack and are going to die, or that they are going mad. this is not the case but of course such fear increases the panic!

    Why do we get these symptoms?
    Fear is a natural reaction to danger. When we are frightened our body releases adrenalin which causes our heart to beat faster, our breathing to grow quicker, and the blood to rush away from our stomach to our muscles We are ready to FIGHT or if necessary take FLIGHT. So why, when we aren’t in any obvious danger, just casually checking our emails for example, do we sometimes experience the same FIGHT or FLIGHT symptoms? A likely reason is that we have actually been unaware of how anxious we have been feeling through the day, maybe the anxious thoughts were even subconscious, and we thought we were actually enjoying a calm relaxing day. A part of our brains, however, has been working over time and has been storing up this information that there are things to feel afraid of . After a while our subconscious mind incorrectly informs our conscious mind that we really are in danger so suddenly ‘out of the blue’ we get a rush of adrenaline and a panic attack.

    How can you help with anxiety?
    I have a lot of experience in working with anxious people and I know just how awful and overwhelming anxiety can be. I understand that you want to start to feel a bit better as soon as possible, so that is what I will aim to help you with. I will work gently and sensitively with you and together we will develop an approach that is going to work for you. I can give you an opportunity to talk and explore the underlying feelings behind your anxiety if you want to do so. I will also show you some really effective ways to calm down and feel more in control straight away. I can show you how EFT is really helpful and we may use some CBT to help you challenge some of your thinking processes. I can offer you the experience of hypnosis if you wish, as the deep relaxation you gain from this will be tremendously helpful. In the work we do together you will always have control and will never be expected to do anything unless you want to.

    Want help with anxiety now? Find out how to contact me on my how to get started page.

    'My anxiety was terrible. I was sure I would be the worst case you had ever come across. I didn't see how counselling could help but I was desperate to try anything. I am amazed at how helpful the sessions were and I am such a different person now. I can't believe we only needed 5 sessions. Last night I coped very calmly with a real crisis involving a neighbour,and before this would have thrown me into complete panic. I have also sorted out all my tax forms which were terrifying me! (32 year old client from Shipley, West Yorkshire, who came for 5 sessions)

    More questions answered.....

    How much will counselling cost?
    Each face to face session lasts about fifty minutes to an hour and costs from 45 although I will offer a reduced fee to those who are unwaged. Each therapeutic email exchange costs 45 which you can pay using PayPal (see 'how to get started'). If you don't want to use a card we can make alternative arrangements. There is no charge for enquiries about the service.

    Isn't that expensive for one email?
    When I receive your email, I read through it very carefully and then spend a lot of time thinking about and writing my reply. I may want to ask you further questions but I will also be looking at ideas we can explore together that will help you reach solutions to your difficulties.

    What is your money back guarantee?
    I really believe it is important that therapy helps you as quickly as possible. I also know that what I do can work really well. Therefore if you are not beginning to feel better after 3 sessions I will re-fund your money in full.

    How long will it take before my problem is solved?
    Sometimes clients can be helped to see a way forward quite quickly and for others it may take a lot longer. So it could take a week or up to a year but you should be feeling a lot better after 3 or 4 sessions (see money back guarantee). I will go at the pace that seems appropriate for you. From time to time I will be asking you if you are finding the process helpful and if not we can discuss how things could be improved for you.

    What if I am emailing but I can't think of anything to say one week?
    You don't always need to write a lot but it would help to know you are still there by emailing and letting me know.

    What if I opt for online therapy and my computer breaks down?
    Technical problems can occur. If this happens you can contact me on my mobile. It will be helpful if you can also give me a contact number incase my computer breaks down.

    Do I need to bring a big problem?
    Big or small, if it is a problem for you then it can be helpful to talk about it.

    Is it possible to stop feeling so anxious all the time?
    Yes yes yes! I see many people who suffer from terrible anxiety and panic attacks and they find it hard to believe these feelings will go away. But they do!

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