This page gives more detail about the different therapies I use to help you find a way forward:

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique
Online counselling
Telephone counselling
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Counselling gives you an opportunity to talk confidentially to someone who is neutral and non-judgemental. Everyone is unique and will have their own way of finding solutions to problems. Even when your difficulties feel completely overwhelming, having someone who listens to you and asks questions to clarify and gain a deeper understanding, can be really helpful. I will build a good therapeutic relationship with you and gradually you will find a way forward that is right for you.
I use a variety of approaches in counselling. I will always listen to you carefully and I will check with you that you are finding the work we are doing together is helpful to you. You may have heard of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT and this is a technique that I do use but it is only part of my whole approach because I believe that what I offer is even more effective. Basically I want you to feel better soon! And I want those good feelings to stay with you.

“I wasn't sure that counselling would help me to get to the bottom of my problem nor find a way to solve it but your calm, professional and empathetic approach put me at ease straight away. Our sessions together helped me to work through my problems and the relaxation technique helped in particular. I no longer need counselling for my problem and I now know how to deal with it if it arises again. I would thoroughly recommend your services.” (25 year old client from Bradford who came for 6 sessions)

Do you want more than just talking?
A lot of clients come for therapy because they want some practical tools which they can then use themselves. I can teach you a great technique called EFT which has helped thousands of people and which you can use on yourself at home or at work. You may want to target a specific issue and wonder whether Hypnotherapy will help. Together, we can find the best approach for you that will give you a real opportunity to find solutions and improve your well being.

What is CBT?
CBT helps us understand how our feelings are closely connected to our thoughts which in turn are closely connected to the way we behave.

"our thoughts create our reality"

So, for example, a client Mary (not her real name) recently told me how angry she felt when her eight year old daughter ignored her. Mary came to see me because she was now worried that not only was she frightening people with her outbursts of anger, she was finding it hard to hug her daughter or be warm to her in any way. Through CBT we explored her underlying thoughts about herself. Using her ‘evidence’ that ‘I can’t even be taken seriously by my own daughter,’ we uncovered a really debilitating, negative core belief about herself: ‘I am worthless as a human being.’ She began to recall many events through her life which all led to her concluding that she was worthless. For example, as a little girl she had often felt unimportant to her own mother. CBT began to help her change her thoughts so that they were more realistic and more positive e.g.’My daughter loves me’. ‘Sometimes she chooses to ignore me because she is having so much fun’. ‘My mother was so stressed and busy she couldn’t give me much attention’. As she altered her thinking, this, in turn, helped her to challenge her underlying beliefs about herself. ‘I am ok’ ‘I do my best’ ‘I have achieved a great deal’. Through this process Mary began to feel differently and became a lot calmer when she thought about her daughters behaviour and when she faced day to day challenges.

Learn more about Cognitve Behaviour Therapy from the Royal College of Psychiatrists' website.

What is EFT? I frequently use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique because clients find it so helpful and time and again I see it work so well. This approach comes from the understanding that our problems can be expressed in our bodies as much as in our minds. It is as if we have an energy system in our bodies that becomes disrupted when we are distressed. EFT enables us to attend to our feelings and our thoughts both at the same times and by attending to both we can resolve problems a lot more rapidly. It can seem a little strange at first as we tap on key points around the body whilst making statements about our specific problem. If you are curious, you may like to look up Youtube where there are many demonstrations.

I am doing really well I can honestly say my mental state is better than it has been for a very long time. My anxiety seems to have all gone and I am sleeping very well. Your cd has also been incredibly helpful for me. Thank you for you help and if I feel the need I shall get back in touch with you. Meanwhile I am singing your praises!’ (Feedback sent from a client from Leeds W.Yorkshire two months after we finished our sessions. She attended for a total of 4 sessions)

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy combines the use of traditional counselling techniques with hypnosis. In addition to my counselling qualifications, I have a diploma as a Master Hypnotist. I will use hypnosis if you request it and if, after listening to you, I agree it will be useful. Hypnotherapy can be especially helpful for working with phobias, anxiety, weight and addictions

During Hypnosis you always remain in control, and you can never made to do anything you don't want to do. With your permission, I will put you into a nice relaxed 'trance' state. This hypnotic trance state is an experience all of us have had times, for example, if you have ever been so absorbed in a book or a film that everything else that is going on around you has been tuned out and your mind is very focussed on one thing. When you are so relaxed and focussed, I will be able to help you imagine being calm in stressful situations and i will be able to sew seeds of more positive thoughts. Clients love the feeling of calmness that arises when they have had a chance to 'turn off' that over analytical side of their brain for a while.

" I had been quite unsure about the idea of hypnosis but I felt so isolated at university I felt the only solution was to give up the course. I was desperate to try anything that might help. After a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy, I felt so much calmer and more confident. I went off to uni and started sitting with groups instead of hiding away on my own. I have gained so much confidence over the last few weeks and amazed myself by actually going up to a tutor to ask for help. Now my grades have really improved too. Thank you so much Julie." (student from Bradford University, West Yorkshire)

I am also skilled in using the Rewind Technique which is a fast, safe and very effective way of treating phobias, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In just one or two sessions clients have completely overcome the phobias and anxieties that had been badly effecting their lives for so long.

You can find me in the UK & Ireland Directory of Counselling and Psychotherapy">

What is online therapy?

Online therapy can be just as therapeutic and just as helpful as working face to face. All you do is check by email that I have space in my schedule to respond to you. Then after I have recieved your fee you email me about your problem and your hopes for the future. I will give you a response which will give you ideas and specific tools for reaching your goals, For many people this is an ideal way of seeking help. You don't have to travel, you can respond in your own time and you don't need to let others know that you are seeking therapy. It may seem strange at first not to talk to someone face to face, but you will find that I will be 'listening' to you really closely as I read your emails and I will be thinking deeply about my replies. Some people find it helpful to save my emails and read them through a number of times.

'I was so glad to get your reply. It is such a relief to share this with another person. I look forward to hear from you - you are already helping so much' (online client from France)

'I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your kind assistance during this difficult period in my life and would like you to know that I would recommend you without reservation to any friends or colleagues that may require your services in the future.' (online client from Cornwall after 5 exchanges)

What happens in telephone therapy?
Using the telephone has great advantages. For a start you can phone from anywhere in the world! There are many ways for these calls to be free or very cheap e.g. by using SKYPE. We arrange a time for the call, and it is important that you know you won't be interrupted. You may have already emailed me some details about the problem to be discussed and given me some background. Then I will listen to you as your counsellor and we will explore the issues together. If you are interested in trying EFT you will discover this works really well over the phone.

Links to other websites

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